Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions. We’ve assembled common questions – and responses. This can be a great resource to help you understand basic access and functionality for this site. As always, if you have any questions that you don’t find answers to below – we encourage you to contact us via phone, email or Click-to-Chat (if available in your region.)

Search – Everyone can use to search for Donaldson parts. You can search our catalog using a Donaldson part number, a competitive part number (cross-reference), or equipment type – or by using a product description (air filters) or attributes (dimensions, efficiency, etc.).

Order – Registered Users can use to directly order many Donaldson parts. Guests may be able to order some Donaldson parts. Access to order products will vary by Donaldson business (Engine/Hydraulic – Industrial Dust, Fume & Mist – or Compressed Air & Process) and by geographic region. Generally, any part you can see a price for is available for you to order.

Manage –Registered Users may have access to their Donaldson Account Dashboard to see Orders, Shipments, Invoices, Payment Methods, Recurring Orders, Saved Lists and manage Account Settings (depending upon assigned permissions). This website can be your one-stop-Shop for managing all your Donaldson orders.

To register for a Donaldson account, use the Register link (located on the header of each page) to request account access. One of our agents will evaluate and respond to your request.
  1. Begin by clicking on the Customer Sign In link on the header.
  2. Enter your User Name and Password.
  3. Look for the Welcome, “Your Name” link on the top right of the header. Hover over the ˅ symbol next to your name and choose My Account to see your Account Dashboard.
Yes. Once you have access, most registered users will be able to view all of your previous account activity (for the prior two years).
If you have order permission, products that display price can typically be added to your cart for ordering. The Add to Cart button appears on the Search Results page, the Product Detail page, and (for registered users) on Quick Order pages. Please note that on the Product Detail and Quick Order Pages you will need to enter a quantity before you can add an item to your cart. Some items specify minimum/multiple quantity selections in order to add to cart –specific requirements will be defined in notes on the Product Detail Page.
If you wish to cancel or change an order after its already been placed on, you can do so by contacting Donaldson directly via phone (or Click-to-Chat, if it’s available in your region). Please be aware that you may not be able to modify an order if its already been picked or shipped from a Donaldson distribution center.
Same-day shipping may be available (subject to product availability) on orders placed before the cut-off time set for your region. Same-day shipments are also subject to a maximum of 10 order lines. If your order exceeds this limit, same-day shipment will not be available.
Expedited shipping (one-day or two-day options), may be available in some regions using In other regions, expedited shipping (if available) can only be initiated by contacting Donaldson Customer Service via phone (or Click-to-Chat, if it’s available in your region). If expedited shipping via is available in your region, it will be presented as an option during checkout.
You can split your order to ship on multiple dates. During the checkout process, on the right-hand side of the Shipping page you can find the “Split” link. Choosing this option will allow you to split the order line into multiple ship dates, where you can select the quantity and request date for each line. You can continue to add as many new lines as necessary. When your quantities and ship dates are completed, click the “Split Line” button to confirm.

As you’re searching for parts, you always have the option of adding a part to a list for future reference and use.

  •   For Guest users, lists can be submitted to Donaldson for follow-up as a Request for Quote.
  •   For Registered Users that are logged in, lists save automatically to your “My Parts List” or “My Equipment List” page where they can be edited, saved, downloaded and shared within your organization. You can find and use lists under the My Account dashboard.

If you’re a registered user, using Quick Order options you can upload part numbers in bulk – via Direct Part Entry or by uploading an Excel File.

  • Direct Part Entry – enter as many individual part numbers as you want, allowing you a quick option to Add to Cart, Add to List, Search or Download.
  • Excel File upload – allows you to upload multiple parts at a time from an Excel spreadsheet. Instructions are provided on the Excel Upload tab. Once you’ve uploaded part numbers, you can Add to Cart, Add to List, Search or Download.

When you search for a part, will determine if that product is available in your region and return relevant results.

  • If a part is not found in your region, you will have the option to Search Globally.
  • If the part is available in another region, you will be prompted to call Donaldson Customer Service for information about availability.
All users can change language (if available) within their region. Guest users, and Registered users without Donaldson Account Agreements outside of their primary region are not allowed to change their region. Registered users with established Donaldson Account Agreements in other regions are allowed to change to region. (Please note that if you change your region, items in your cart will not transfer).

If you forget your password, click on Customer Sign In on the page header. Next, click the “Forgot Password?” link. Follow the prompts and answer the questions to reset your password.

IMPORTANT: You must have already enrolled in the self-service password reset to use this function.

If you see an error message that you don’t understand or if you have questions, please contact your Donaldson Customer Service representative. You have several options to reach us, including the Contact Us link (for email), phone number on the footer of each page (or Click-to-Chat, if it’s available in your region).